Formula 1-Database
© by Thomas Klein

deutsch Formula 1-Database V6 is a program for editing, calculating and printing the results of the formula 1 drivers championship with the C 64 and C 128 (in C 64-mode) in a comfortable way. On the C 128 the 2 MHz mode can be used to accelerate calculations. Note: Version 6 calculates the points/table according to the new rules introduced in 2003. For the seasons 1991-2002 use version 5.

Main menu

The program consists of the parts

which must be on the same disk. F1-datafiles are marked with two leading graphic characters looking simular to a finishing flag.

To run Formula 1-Database, use the command


which loads all parts and starts the program automatically. If you have the Action Replay Cartridge, please remove it first because it can cause a flickering of the screen.


Formula 1-Database can be controlled with the keyboard or a joystick in port 2. When using the keyboard, the following keys are important:

"Cursor up/down":
  Select line
"Cursor left/right" or "+/-":
  Paragraph up/down
  Line up/down
  Move to start/end
  Back to main menu

If you use the joystick, the up/down directions are equal to cursor up/down. By pushing it left or right you can choose one of the icons in the frame of the screen, which can be activated with the fire button. From left to right the icons work the same way as "F1", "F3", "F5", "F7", "-", "+", "M" and "RETURN".

The new charset contains the German "Umlaute", which can be entered with "Shift :"(ö), "Shift ;"(ä), "@"(ü), "C= o"(Ö), "C= p"(Ä), "Shift @"(Ü) and "Pound"(ß).



1.)Change parameters:

If there is no file in memory, one can be created by entering the maximum numbers of drivers and races. Be careful: These values can't be changed afterwards!
You can also activate or deactivate (for example necessary when using certain cartridges) the 2 MHz mode of the C 128, choose the printer type (Epson 9- or 24-pin models and MPS 801-compatible ones), control the sending of linefeeds and set the secondary adress for the transparent mode of your printer interface. The transparent mode sends all characters without transformation to the printer, the secondary adress for it depends on the interface model (for example 1 for the Wiesemann 92000, see manual). The value "256" sends the output to the userport.

2.)Enter drivers:

Select line and press "RETURN" to enter the drivers/teams. With "P" you can print a list of them.

3.)Enter results:

With "factor" you can select if full or half point are given to the drivers. If a race has to be stopped before finishing most of the distance, the winner for example can get only five instead of ten points.

4.)Show results:

Here you can see and print the results of the races.

5.)Show statistics:

Shows statistics of places and points for a driver.

6.)Show points:

Shows table with points from the first to the selected race. If two or more drivers are equal, the number of first, second, ... places decides of the position.


7.)Save file:

All F1-datafiles on the disk and the name of the file in memory are shown and can be chosen. After an optional modification, the saving begins. With "+" or Icon 6 the directory of another disk is loaded.

8.)Load file:

If there is already a file in memory, you get a warning that it will be deleted by loading a new one.


A restart deletes a file in memory and allows to create a new one.

2 and 7 can only be chosen if there is a file in memory, for 3 at least one driver has to be entered. To activate 4-6 the result of a race must exist. If the necessary data isn't there, you hear a signal tone.
Printing is possible at 2, 4, 5 and 6. If the printer is not ready, you get a warning sound; you hear the same sound when there is a disk error.

Thomas Klein

F1-Database V6.0 and results of 2003-2006 as D64-file (.zip)
F1-Database V5.02e (English) and results of 1991-2002 as D64-file (.zip)
F1-Verwaltung V5.01d (German) and results of 1991-2002 as D64-Datei (.zip)

Also have a look at F1-Minibase for VIC-20 and C 64.

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